Five Seniors Comment on Their IAA Experience

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In our final CenterStage of the year, three Idyllwild Arts music majors – Bohan Lin, Jasmine Wang and Lake Jiroudek, and two Dance majors – Adrianna Audoma & Cheyenne Carllson, share their thoughts about their Idyllwild Arts experience.

1: Tell me about your experience at IAA? How has it affected you as an artist, dancer, performer or musician?

Bohan: When I came to Idyllwild for the first time, I thought it was a quiet place to practice and study. There are not too many distractions here and it was easier for my musical studies and academic classes. Also, I could discuss many interesting topics with students about the arts. I gained a lot of knowledge about art. My musical skills improved.

Jasmine: When I first got here, I thought my high school life would start to be boring. After a while, compared to the bustling city I came from, the natural environment here has made me start to like it and love it. I made many nice friends, met many great teachers, and learned many interesting things from the nature and people here. Time flies, and I have changed a lot through these three years. Idyllwild made me become a calmer and more mature young woman, and those qualities made me become more thoughtful and less fickle in piano performance.

Lake: I have made many new contacts and friends at Idyllwild. It has been a major reason for my early success in jazz. The festivals our jazz combo has participated in, have revealed me to a larger audience.

Adrianna: Idyllwild Arts has made me more confident. I get inspired by other people’s artwork and living in a community with other artists. It’s changed and influenced my choreography & how I dance.

Cheyenne: Idyllwild has given me an opportunity to connect with likeminded individuals. I love being in an environment that inspires me more.

2: What’s been the most critical lesson that you’ve learned as a student? Is it something in the academics or the arts?

Bohan: The most critical lesson I learned was in my art classes. I am a music student. I have to pay high attention to my artwork and practice hard. I remember one time I hadn’t practiced and went to my lesson. My teacher noticed from my playing and talked to me how important practicing is. My teacher is a good pianist, he is very experienced. He usually points me to practicing as helping me continue to become a better musician.

Jasmine: In the beginning of my senior year, Mr. Nelms McKelvain said something very effective in Music Department Meeting. He said, there’s always someone who is better than you, and they are better because they practice more. What he said inspired me, and I will always remember it in my later life.

Lake: The most valuable lesson I got was from my guitar teacher Bruce Forman. He told me I needed to play what I hear. He articulated how important it was to express that.

Adrianna: I’ve learned tolerance. It’s such a diverse environment on this campus with various cultures and personalities. Here you learn to work with others. Also, when you’re living in a dorm you learn to appreciate the qualities of each person.

Cheyenne: I’ve learned to have more respect for myself. Give myself credit when credit is due. Everyone is striving to get better and I’ve learned to be proud of my art –  the good, bad and ugly.

3: Where have you been accepted and where are you planning to attend college/university/conservatory or art school? How did Idyllwild Arts education prepare you for the college audition/application process?

Bohan:I have been accepted by Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Manhattan School of Music and Eastman School of music. I will go to Cincinnati next year. My all teachers from Idyllwild Arts supported me a lot during my audition and application process. My piano teacher gave me a lot of musical education and knowledge. My academic teachers wrote recommendation letters and taught me a lot of English knowledge. I could not get into college without their support.

Jasmine: I have been accepted by Manhattan School of Music, Oberlin Conservatory, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and The Eastman School of Music. I am attending The Eastman School of Music.

Lake: I was accepted to all of the schools I applied to; NEC, New School, Berklee and Juilliard. I will attend Juilliard. Idyllwild has allowed me to live my life in a fairly comfortable environment. It’s great for practicing.

Adrianna: I was accepted to UC Irvine, Trinity LaBonne and University of the Arts and I’m attending UC Irvine. Going into the auditions I felt confident. I may not have the best technique but at Idyllwild Arts, I’ve learned to be confident and do my own personal best.

Cheyenne: Accepted into all my schools artistically and UC Boulder, Fort Collins, Marymount Manhattan, and Hofstra. I’ll be attending Marymount Manhattan where I was awarded a near full scholarship.

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