Four Seniors Discuss How Idyllwild Arts Has Impacted Them

May 18, 2012 at 12:00 pm 2 comments

This week, we continue our conversation with four more graduating Idyllwild Arts Seniors and their experience at Idyllwild Arts – what they’ve experienced, lessons they learned and where they’re going next year.

Four Idyllwild Arts Seniors comment about their IAA experience.

Again, all four of these students – Scarlett a Creative Writing major, Becca a Musical Theatre major, Moira from the Creative Writing department and Paul, an Interdisciplinary Arts major with a Fashion Design focus, have distinguished themselves as student leaders and have set very high standards for their art.

1. Tell me about your experience at IAA? How has it affected you as an artist, dancer, performer or musician?

Scarlett: I am so grateful for the experience I’ve had at IAA. Writing was something I had only ever done independently and being thrown into an environment where my peers were strong writers and offered critique weekly, challenged me to improve and develop my own style. When I first arrived at IAA, I had never even read a short story or been taught poetry. Now, I have a support system of faculty and other students who are great artists and people. Each of them is intensely passionate about what they do as artists and I feel really fortunate to be surrounded by the IAA community on a daily basis. I definitely think my academics have allowed me to question and learn in an intellectual capacity not many schools offers. There’s almost a cross pollination within the humanities and arts in that I was taught to develop my own theory of what makes good art and writing and carry that into my own work.

Becca: I contribute most every aspect of my arts training to the Academy. Over these past four years, I have developed my skills as an artist, and the community has supported me fully through my education here. Coming to IAA, New York University seemed like an impossible goal for a young actor like myself. However, this school prepared me for the audition process, and allowed me to accomplish this goal, and continue my training and NYU in the fall. I truly would not have been where I am today as and artist and thinker, if it weren’t for a community like this, and such a supportive Theatre director and teacher, Howard Shangraw.

Moira: It’s about collaboration at Idyllwild and it’s very promoted. It’s nice to know how things work for film. It’s not just one person. It’s pushed me out of my comfort zone. I’m more of an editor and this year cinematographer I got to branch out and learn other aspects of film. I even wrote two screenplays. Despite the fact they weren’t “green-lighted” it was still a great process.

I really like forming so many connections with students from all over the world. We all have new connections in and out of the department itself. It’s great to have that foundation for myself for the future.

Paul: Idyllwild has given me the opportunities I really need to flourish as an artist and attain my personal goals. The variety of classes has really helped me make myself more rounded and most definitely had an instrumental rule in my getting into Central Saint Martins; my number one choice. The AEL grant was also an amazing opportunity that helped me get an understanding of organization in my field.

2. What’s been the most critical lesson that you’ve learned as a student? Is it something in the academics or the arts?

Scarlett: I’ve learned not to measure myself against other people. Growing up, I feel like I was taught to compete with others instead of myself. At IAA, this type of logic can be really destructive because it doesn’t generate positivity or hard work. Especially in the arts, competing with your own personal best is essential and I’m thankful I learned this during my time here.

Becca:  I would say that I have learned that time management, for both my academics and arts it very important. I try to manage my time wisely, making sure I can move as smoothly as possible, and get my work done on time. It is always wise to push yourself and keep up, rather than procrastination.

Moira:  You get back what you put into the work. You have to put yourself out and build a good reputation for yourself. If you want to do the work you have to fight for it and let people know that you have the passion and discipline to do the job well. It applies to both academics and the Moving Pictures department.

Paul: As a student here at Idyllwild Arts, I really think that the most valuable lesson that I’ve learned here is to be easy to work with. There’s such a sense of community here and all the departments work with each other, its essential that one can work with everyone.

3.Where have you been accepted and where are you planning to attend college/university/conservatory or art school? How did Idyllwild Arts education prepare you for the college audition/application process?

Scarlett: I was accepted to University of California Santa Barbara, Willammette University, and NYU. I am planning to go to NYU in the fall to study Dramatic Writing. My education here definitely prepared me especially in terms of assembling a portfolio, writing essays, and getting strong teacher recommendations. The community here is really supportive and helpful during the process but also promote you to find colleges on your own and make the decision based on your own individual goals. I think what’s rare here is that people don’t view colleges as good or bad. Instead, everyone tries to find the place that’s right for them and where they’re going to do their best, which is something I feel like most schools don’t emphasize enough.

Becca: Idyllwild Arts clearly prepared me for the application and audition process. When auditioning and writing my essays, I was reminded constantly to “show myself” and try and display to colleges who I am as an individual, which is what Idyllwild Arts is all about. During the Musical Theatre Audition process, I honestly felt overly prepared. I had all the tools and was able to remain calm and focus on myself without having to worry or stress about the people reviewing my work.

I was accepted for the BFA Theatre/musical Theatre programs, at Boston University, DePaul University, University of Miami, Pace University, New York University, Emerson College, SUNY Purchase, Sarah Lawrence College, Marymount Manhattan College, Eugene Lang College, and Columbia College Chicago. I will be attending New York University this coming fall!

Moira: I’ve been accepted to Columbia College Chicago, Ringling, S.C.A.D. in Savannah, Georgia. I was able to cut a reel for myself and have something to show for applications to schools and summer film jobs/internships. It’s been a big plus.

I worked on two films last year – Penelope and the documentary Kenza. This year I was the cinematographer for Life After Deaf, the zombie movie, and I am also editing another documentary, Family Like Mine.  At Idyllwild you get a taste of so many different styles – narrative and documentaries. It’s really nice to have time to work on those projects. At any other school I wouldn’t have the chance to work on so many varied projects.

Paul: As I said, Idyllwild really was crucial to my acceptance to my dream school since the age of 10. Not only because Idyllwild has a good relationship with Central Saint Martins but also because of the classes and the visits from the school itself.

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