Farewell Idyllwild – Commencement Poem, Class of 2011

June 3, 2011 at 2:43 pm 1 comment

Farewell Idyllwild
Commencement Poem, Class of 2011

Recapitulations, every moment, is the end actually here –
the time of the road of “coming up to”

approaching like a snake – I am writing my plans for the future
on the board. Little did I know I’d be embraced

by branches, your bark would tear at my skin, your meadow
would heal my love-soul. Everyday I walk this shrine, birds sing,

trees dancing to encourage me. Fresh vanilla air asserts
that I am living in the Idyllwild. Soon I will be a river.

Leaving – mixture bittersweet – doubtful I’ll find
fresh crisp laundry, the last done by Katia.

Passing the vending machine, laughter all around reminds me of friendship.
You gave me my lovely best friends.

My body is ready for new adaptations. I walk out of the building,
& blue sky welcomes me, as if I were the most precious customer.

The melted ice showers as the Lady Mount hums. Up the hill
from the practice room, sounds of music descending. I leave

paintings and sculptures which delighted my eyes.
Trees stand sentinel over our lives.

Sitting at the grotto, perched on a rock, I struggle
with math and writer’s block. Gravels cracking, rolling my under feet,

I feel the same texture for years,
but the starry night that amazed me is now throbbing

my heart again, their beady penetrating stares
seep life like milk from a linen knapsack –

I can do it, I can do it, I can do it. . .
I bind myself to the mountain. Heavy weights

hang on my eyelashes, watered by suppressed tears that reach
in fine threads whose smile blooms like none other.

*Written after reading Farwell Cambridge by Xu ZhiMo. Phrases excerpted from Molly Newman’s Academic Poetry class for seniors: Caleb Hensinger, Melanie Thomas, Steph Kim, Evynne Murray, Hae Jung Cho, Olivia Jones, Henry Chi, Jacob Gershel, John Ahn, Hyun Chul, Paris Deesing, Li-An Tsai, Jose Pelaez-Diaz, Jing Li, Kai Krause, Sheldon Hawthorne & Regina Cohen.

A Cento a collaborative poem in the tradition of quilting phrases. This Cento is made up of our students’ lines, particularly stylized for flow of a commencement poem. I especially liked working with the fruitful “turns” made by those deeply-in-practice of English as a Second Language.

– Katherine Factor, Editor

Entry filed under: Music Stuff.

Yves Saint Laurent, The “Art Bug” & Artist Forward Alums at work!

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  • 1. Mara Schoner  |  June 3, 2011 at 3:06 pm

    That is one mighty nice quilt.


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