Juniors – Time to Plan Your College/Conservatory/University Search

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From Don Put, College Counselor:

In the upcoming months, Erin, Nelms, and I, the college counseling staff at Idyllwild Arts, will be focusing our attention on the junior class to get them started on the college search and application process.  We will have some formal meetings with them as a group, and we will also be available to meet with each student individually as we move through the second semester.  With this process in mind, we wanted to touch base with you to inform you about upcoming SAT testing for the junior class and some other pertinent information.

SAT Testing
Since these tests are still a vital part of the application process for most colleges and universities, Idyllwild Arts requires all juniors to take the exam in May.  This year, the test will be on Saturday, May 7, and the registration deadlines are April 8th (regular registration deadline) and April 22th (late registration period—extra fee involved).  Please register online at www.collegeboard.com because your student will need an account set up for score forwarding and test taking next year.  Idyllwild Arts school code (CEEB code) is 051236 and our SAT test center number is 05-317.

SAT Test Preparation
For the past four years, we have had Tobin Style, director of Perspective Educational Services, come up to campus and do an intensive, three-day SAT preparation class.  The current seniors have told me how much this class helped them and also how well presented the material was. The dates are February 18 – 20.  You can also find out more information by going to their website. While the weekend prep session is not mandatory, I strongly encourage all students to enroll. Please check with your son or daughter to make sure that he or she is free that weekend because the fee is not refundable. Students who sign up will be billed. The cost for the course, which will run from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon until about 2:30 p.m., is $225.00 per student. If you would like your child to take this course, please respond via e-mail to dput@idyllwildarts.org, or you can call me at (951) 659-2171, ext. 2322, and I will have their student account billed in the amount of $225.00.

If your child cannot take this prep class, you can always find a suitable class close to home and have him or her enroll.  While spring vacation would be ideal as preparation for the May test, a summer preparation class might be easier to schedule and that would give him or her some solid grounding from which to take the required test next October.

Senior Handbook
Traditionally, we have mailed out our Senior Handbook over the summer to the seniors so they have some reference material as they plan their college application process for the fall semester of their senior year.  This year, we made the handbook available online to give the students and parents more time familiarize themselves with the college, university, and conservatory search and application process.  While the dates currently listed in the handbook are for this academic year, it will still give you a timeline that will help to ensure no deadlines are missed next fall.  To download the handbook, please go to http://idyllwildarts.org/academy/senior_handbook.pdf.  Sometimes the download takes a while (it’s a big file), so if you do not see anything immediately, please wait a few minutes for it to download fully.  Many of the common questions are covered thoroughly in the handbook, which has been put together over the past fifteen years.

Appointments with the College Counselors
As I mentioned, now is the appropriate time for juniors to begin thinking about the college search and application process that they will undertake in earnest next fall. It would be wise for all juniors to make appointments to see Erin, Nelms, or me beginning in early March to initiate discussions about college, which will enable them to implement an organized and constructive process of finding the colleges that are right for them. The college counselors are assigned to the different majors as follows:

Don:  Theatre, Visual Art, and Creative Writing
951.659.2171, ext.2322

Erin:  Dance, Motion Pictures, and Interdisciplinary Arts
951.659.2171, ext. 2324

Nelms:  Music
951.659.2171, ext. 2329

College Visits
Spring break during the junior year might be a good time to get some college visits out of the way.  If your student has some colleges in mind and you have the time to check out some of these schools in person, I strongly encourage you to do so because the senior year will be a very busy time and trips will be harder to arrange then.   There is a section in the handbook that has some good information about college visits.

As always, please feel free to contact me should you have any questions about either the SAT prep course or the early stages of your child’s college search process. Thank you for your attention.


Donald A. Put
Erin Latimer
Nelms McKelvain
College Counselors
Idyllwild Arts Academy
PO Box 38
Idyllwild, CA  92549

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