Introducing… The Resource Center

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From: Margaret Gray, Resource Center Director

Most people know that it’s my job as Resource Center Director to provide academic support services, but what exactly does that mean for students at IAA?  Really, academic support looks like something different for each student.  However, the overarching goal is for students to become independent learners.  At Idyllwild Arts, students must have excellent time management skills in order to stay on top of all of their varied commitments.  This means knowing how to prioritize.  Often, students come to boarding school and they are overwhelmed by everything that they suddenly must do on their own.  Part of what we work on in Resource is giving students the tools they need to be successful at boarding school, and beyond.  We focus on how to self-advocate (talking to teachers, asking for extra help, when and how to ask for an extension); how to balance arts, academics, and socializing; how to find wasted time in the daily schedule; and on extra practice with difficult concepts.

Resource is not tutoring in the traditional sense.  Students do not meet with me individually; rather we have very small classes where kids work independently and in pairs or small teams to complete assignments.  If one of my students is struggling in a particular class, we go over material again and we strategize how to best complete an assignment or how to study for a test.  I also work with students to break down their schedules to find how to best use their time effectively, and maybe find some free time to relax or spend with friends.

I work with students in all of the majors and grades here at IAA.  My goal is to encourage students to become independent learners so that they are prepared for the next step in their lives.  Whether that is university or conservatory, the skills needed to navigate life beyond high school are the same: an understanding of how you learn best, the ability to break down assignments and prioritize them, knowing how to make time for work and play, and having the confidence to know that you can do all of these things.

If parents or students have any questions about the Resource Center, you can email me.

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