Krone Museum Updates: Michael Fuller, Ataloa, Dot Lewis, Sara Pilchman and the Czech Republic

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From: Sydney Cosselman,
Krone Museum Director

I just want to say thank you to everyone who stopped by the Krone Museum Saturday, October 16, during Family Weekend. I very much enjoyed seeing old and new faces and having the chance to meet many parents. One student said that her dad really admired Ansel Adams, after seeing his photograph. I mentioned that Ansel taught here during the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

Family Weekend                                                                                          Krone Museum

Michael Fuller was on campus last week researching his book. If you haven’t met him, he is the guy running around campus wearing a beret, cocked to one side. Michael was a professor in the Theatre Department at USC some years ago and really enjoys chatting with the students. Lately, he has been researching Ataloa. Remember that name; you will be hearing about and seeing more of her in an upcoming exhibit. An interesting note – in 1953 she named “Apela” Drive. “Apela”, is a Chickasaw word meaning “the happiness one feels among friends.” Back to Michael – he is off to New York soon, but promises to drop back by in November to resume his research. From his first book ISOMATA, the Place and Its People he writes “Here, at ISOMATA, on the Idyllwild Plateau, the time of clocks stops. It is now. Now: time for the blood to pulse in pace to the immediate moment; time that is personal; time to explore and rediscover one’s own individual perceptions of experience and to follow the impulse to render them into form. Now: time for a life to be expressed, not merely expended.”

Michael Fuller                                           Krone Museum

I was extremely fortunate to have an opportunity to talk with Dot Lewis at the Idyllwild Area Historical Society event the weekend of October 23. The IAHS was celebrating their 10th anniversary and dedication of their new archives building. You will be hearing more about Dot in the months to come, since for many years she was an integral part of ISOMATA history. I know you have seen her beautiful ink-wash drawing of Lily Rock and the surrounding mountains hanging above the fireplace in the Fireside Room. You may not be aware that Dot was an accomplished horsewoman (and polo player), an aviator, as well as an excellent artist and well loved art instructor.

If you are in town over the weekend and have a few moments, check out the Idyllwild Area Historical Society’s wonderful rock climbing exhibit. You may be surprised to learn about the significant role that Idyllwild has played in the sport of rock climbing, over the years.

Now for some exciting Krone Museum News:

I have been working with Mary Metcalf-Collier to update the Krone Museum webpage as she works on the complete website redesign. In December you will see some changes, so be sure to “Check It Out”…

***Also, please note that the Krone Museum days will change starting in November to Tuesday – Saturday. The hours will remain the same.

As for Sara…..she has been traveling again….but she stopped long enough to send some photos and to tell us a little more about her experiences. She writes…

Hello again!

It seems like every week I am unexpectedly busy.  Last week my Czech film professor asked me to be part of a student jury for the 51st annual Brno film festival.  Four days, 80 films, and an award ceremony later I’m back to my regular schoolwork.  Slovakia was beautiful, but exhausting.  We hiked up the highest mountains in Slovakia and down into caves as well.  It was pretty incredible.  Now I’m struggling to get through my Czech Language class work (which is incredibly difficult).

I chose to come to Brno because it is very different, to me, from the other European countries most Americans choose to study in.  I didn’t want to go somewhere tourists go every day, but somewhere more exotic.  My interest in the Czech Republic originally began when my cousin introduced me to the Czech director Jan Svankmajer.  Here, his work seems to be presented more as a work of visual art than as regularly seen films.  His work illustrates a kind of fairy-tale perspective of traditional Czech culture, which always fascinated me.

This video is the first one of a series of three short films he made called Food:

His version of Alice in Wonderland:

And my favorite short film of his:

That’s how I first became interested in the Czech.  My program was introduced to me by my school.  Juniata has different study abroad programs all over the world, but this was my first choice.  Unfortunately there are no studio art classes, and all of the museum classes are in Czech.  The classes I’m taking are Czech Language, Czech Cinema, Czech Drama, Children’s Literature, Intro to Ethics, and Anarchy, Violence, and Perspective in Modern Literature. Some of the classes are master’s courses, so they’re pretty difficult.  I really like my professors though, so it all works out in the end!  I attached a few pictures of my time here.

AND, a link to the Brno26 film festival I helped judge:




Maybe you have questions for Sara about her classes, teachers, or her travels. If you do, post your questions in the “comments” section and I will see that she gets them. Your questions and her answers will be addressed in the following museum blog.

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