Audition day 2010

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—-from Jonathan Sharp, Dance Faculty
As I enter the studio, I can feel the energy of the thirty-three young dancers who are diligently warming up for the Placement audition which is about to take place. For some this is their first real taste of being a professional. As a dancer and performer, one is always auditioning so being able to focus and “Show your stuff” is crucial to survival. It is truly Survival of the Fittest. For this reason, it is the best way to start the year. It allows returning students a chance to feel the progress they have made and it instantly submerges Newbies into the rigorous schedule that is ahead of them. For the Instructors, it is a first chance to acquaint themselves with the energies and talents which they will try to enhance in the year to come.
On this particular day there is little break. There is so much that must be accomplished. It is so important to make sure that each student is placed in a level where they can thrive. For this reason, on this day, we must see everything. We have to evaluate Balance, Co-ordination, Body Placement, Extensions, Strength, Speed, Clarity, Artistry- the list is immense and the combinations are intense. After four straight hours of dancing, the exhaustion begins to show on the faces of the participants. They have demonstrated their abilities in Ballet, Pointe, two forms of Jazz, and Modern. It is now the job of the staff to develop levels which group students together of similar experience and ability so that they can train at a pace which will offer the greatest results. Ultimately, it is all about Results.
As a teacher, Audition Day is thrilling to witness. It is a fresh opportunity to get excited about the potential of each student. It is a time to refresh the goals that are to be set forth for the year. Goals which will play a major part in the development of these “Artists of Tomorrow”. No one can predict how the year will go- but if the effort and energy of this day are any indication- The Dancers of Idyllwild 2010/20111 have made their first giant leap forward.

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Registration weekend. Prefects!

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