Registration weekend.

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—–From Bonnie Carpenter, Associate Dean of the Arts

For me, Registration Weekend is one of my two favorite times on campus.  Graduation is a wonderful time to celebrate our accomplishments- students and faculty alike.  But Registration weekend is a time of possibilities.  This weekend at Idyllwild Arts we welcomed approximately 265 new and returning students to our campus from a variety of states and countries.  They each will bring with them a passion for the arts and a drive to learn more about the world in which they create their art.

During this weekend, students face many new variables in their lives which can be wonderfully liberating on some levels and incredibly scary on others.  No longer are they in the cozy and familiar environments in which they are used to but instead they face new roommates, new foods, new teachers, new performance anxieties… new everything.  Even for returning students it might seem new or strange as when they left campus in the spring there were different faces and relationships that might not still exist like friends that graduated or faculty that left Idyllwild Arts.

For me, as a faculty member, I always equate this weekend to the feelings of a new romance.  There are so many wonderful, energetic and enthusiastic faces to get to know.  Each will influence our school in some way and it is a blank page on this weekend.  Some of these students may be our next legendary artists, our nobel prize winners or great philanthropists for the arts.  They may be our new lifelong friends or (dare I say) the thorn in our side.  But on this weekend, anything is possible and it is a fresh start.

—–Bonnie Carpenter, Associate Dean of the Arts

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