Hit the right notes please.

March 19, 2010 at 7:08 am Leave a comment

So I turn my blog over to guests, and suddenly I have stuff to tell you about!  Anyway, about 4 months ago I got a call on my cellphone as I was standing in the Costco parking lot.  It was Midori.  Do you know how loud crashing shopping carts seem when you’re talking to a famous violinist while standing in the Costco parking lot?

Anyway, she had come up with an idea for USC and Idyllwild Arts to pool some resources and bring two of the worlds most respected string teachers to our campus, Roland and Almita Vamos.  We struck the deal right there among the carts and oversized bottles of olive oil and the Vamoses arrived on our campus yesterday!

It’s always such a pleasure to turn our students over to great artists from around the world.  (And I mean that in the best way, even though today is the last day of third quarter and spring break starts tomorrow)  They spent four hours teaching violin and viola in the most no nonsense way.  I wonder how many of our violinists placed the violin next to the bed last night, set the alarm for 3 am, grabbed the violin and tested nailing the shift up to the high B flat?!  I hope they all did.  Glad I’m not a dorm parent…  As Mr. Vamos said, we can talk about fancy interpretation all afternoon, but if the notes are wrong, it sounds like hell anyway…

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Guests! New version of artin3d.

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