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I know I say wow a lot.  But really, last night we went to see the premiere of the films that the department of Moving Pictures made this year.  Wow.  Six documentaries ranging from the paralyzing effect electronics have had on our lives to a piano competition’s drama to the recent life of Rodney King.  Smart, funny, moving.  Then we had four of the most beautiful short films imaginable.  I still don’t quite to know what to say about it because I’m still processing them.  I could speak about the beautiful photography, the smart and moving stories.  I could go on for days about the wonderful performances of Howard, our theatre chair, or Rendan, who’s on our acting faculty.  Student Mykal was compelling as a (mostly) honest teenager, partying and trying to woo one of his colleagues.  In years past, the films were scored by students from our film scoring program.  But this year for the first time the scores were not performed only by computer or by a few students musicians.  The whole orchestra assembled on the soundstage last weekend(how is that POSSIBLE when we saw the finished product last night?!  You all work REALLY hard.)   The scores were recorded and assembled into the films this week.  I guess I could say a lot about the beautiful scores, brilliant playing, etc.  Just like I could about the acting and photography if I had a better vocabulary.  But here’s what I really want to say:  I forgot I was watching student films.  I forgot there was a score even there.  I went someplace else for a few hours, into Leila’s and Gurk’s imagination.  Along with the imaginations of those other writers, composers, camerapeople, editors.

I could have been on Hollywood Boulevard at the Chinese.  Or sundance…  Can’t WAIT til it comes out on DVD.

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Decision time 2. Wagner.

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