We’re back!

January 18, 2009 at 8:07 pm Leave a comment

We’re back!

Sorry about the little blog break. I took a little time over the holidays, and then with travel complications and school complications it became a LOT of time. We’re back a week now, and although it really sounds sappy, it’s so nice to have the kids back!
Yesterday, I went to a friendraiser in Palm Desert. A friendraiser is an event run by our Advancement team, which is designed to acquaint people with our school, in the hope that they will begin to consider us in their philanthropic giving. It’s important because we wouldn’t have a school if generous and thoughtful people didn’t make charitable donations. It covers a large part of our operation, and makes scholarships possible for our students the need help in paying our tuition.

Anyway, it was a fun event held at Bighorn, possibly the most exclusive country club down in the desert. Martin, Timmy, Kitty, Ruby, Casey and Anthony went with me to perform. We had some great jazz, some classical piano, a song from Drat! The Cat!, and some virtuoso violin indulgence. Of course they played well, blah blah blah. I took some student paintings and they received a LOT of attention. But my comment here relates to what I said above. We really have interesting students. I enjoyed spending my Saturday afternoon chatting with them. Arguing with Kitty, seeing them sneak to the table of appetizers because the sandwiches in the green room didn’t have gorgonzola, giving Casey a hard time about every single thing I could think of… arguing with Kitty, arguing with Kitty….

These students understand the importance of philanthropy, a good thing, because as artists they’ll be involved with it their entire lives. And it’s kind of fun as the teacher, surrogate parent, driver, cattle prod, antagonist, protagonist, to know that these young people are absolutely worthy of all of our trust in this important work. They’re smart, good conversationalists, happy to chat about their lives, interests, and our school. Oh, and they’re salesmen too! A group of this audience is planning to come up here to Kitty’s junior recital.

Anyway, that’s our first week back. We’ve got a busy week ahead: A cello masterclass with Rohand de Saaram, piano masterclass with Byron Janis and a mainstage play. One of the original plays from the creative writing department is playing at the Loft in Redlands, plus more from National Perfomance Art Month. I’ll have lots to write about.

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