November 4.

October 23, 2008 at 6:55 pm 1 comment

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’re heading into an election.  Here at the school we’re busy planning our second break-out theme day of the year which will coincide with election day.  On November 4th, we’ll cancel academic and arts classes and spend the day studying, celebrating, criticizing, analyzing, satirizing, replicating and breathlessly observing the election.  Some kids are giving candidate speeches.  Others are studying political cartoons, satirical websites.  Faculty and kids are teamed up to study all of the propositions on the California ballot.  My group, along with Melissa Wilson, chief of all things graphic, is reporting the entire day, doing interviews, on-the-spot photos, commentary, and then will publish a paper in the afternoon!  I know nothing about this, so our kids better teach me how!

Sometime during the day we faculty will all get to town to vote, along with our 18 year-olds on campus.

Then at 5 or so, we’ll all start to watch the election returns together.  On a televisionless campus, this requires a satellite feed.  Well worth it. This could be the most electrifying day of the year.  Certainly it will make history.  We’re either going to leave November 4th with and African American President or a Female Vice President.  Such an event surely must be worthy of notice for all of our artistic disciplines!   If you’re around on election day please stop by.  Just be sure to have on your  “I just voted” sticker!

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Who are those older people? Another chance.

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  • 1. marla S Wilson  |  October 24, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    Let me hope that these discussions will be fair and all rumors will first be checked at – PLEASE

    Much as I think Bush is a weeble, I still want to see a fair assessment of both parties pro and con rather than knee jerk party based bias on both sides and clear discussion about the weakness of the two party system and the weakness of the press in assessing the truth.

    Any discussion of politics should also include discussion about the use of viral marketing ( it isn’t called a virus for nothing) the fact that propaganda on both sides slow down the internet for everyone so we must all make sure that everything we forward is factually supportable, and if possible more positive thoughts on the candidate of choice is better than negative about the candidates we hate.

    that is my two cents



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